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Showcase Your Unusual Hobbies And Interests In Your Resume

Showcase your unusual hobbies & interests in your resume

2021-01-08      Comments : 0

While it may be a common belief that a hobbies and interests resume section is a frivolous addition, it holds true only if you write very common and uninteresting ones like "reading, travelling music" etc.

If you word it well, include some key things about it that show them who you are, it can actually be a very helpful addition: the resume is showcasing who you are, your professional as well as your personality and your capacity for work.

Potential employers will not fail to notice this section and tend to appreciate the extra effort to tell them a little bit more about who you are as a person.
So, the trick is to include unique, attractive hobbies that are valuable to their company, that demonstrates clear qualities about your personality, and are also relevant to the job.

Were you a swimming instructor for college students? Did you instruct a team? Then you might excel at leadership and handling a team.
Are you good at writing blogs or articles? Then you might be good at creativity.

This is how your hobbies tell about you to the employer.

How can your unique hobbies Save Your Resume?
Situation arises, when the recruiter has to select from 2 equally, identical qualified candidates. The deciding factor tends to come down to them being a right fit culture-wise.
If one of the resumes says, "Football coach at high school" and the other resume appears to be devoid of personality, the one with the hobbies is most likely to win the race.

So, how to showcase your unique hobbies as an icing on the cake?
Research the job description. Most descriptions already list some skills they're looking for in candidates.
Now, think about how those skills might transfer to your specific hobby or interest.
For example, if they're looking for someone with good communication skills and someone quick to take the decisions, then it might be a good idea to include a sport-related hobby that includes those specific qualities.
Explain them how is it related to the particular skill that they are in search of.

If they're looking for a team handler in their job role, then as a swimming instructor that you were working, will come into use.

Never list your hobbies just for the sake of filling your resume. Recognize the power that your particular hobby holds and how it will help you and the employers as well.
Try to focus on how your hobbies can lead to personal growth. Employers consider the skills that contributes to the team morale and the overall work culture.
Make sure that you can talk about the hobby that you've listed when asked in an interview. Don't make up and elaborate any hobby. Make sure it is an honest representation of you.

How do you turn your unique hobbies into a boon? Let's learn with examples:
Your unique hobbies will help you stand out, as long as it's "unique" and not the "weird" one.
Some unique hobbies may include:
• Archery
• Gardening
• Stand-up comedy
• Baking
• Journaling
• Calligraphy
• Fencing
• Yoga
• Languages

How do these hobbies come in your favor?
Gardening implies you might be responsible, creative and possess self-confidence. While, journaling shows that you have good communication skills, self-organized and quick at problem solving.
So, your unique hobbies might be effective and help you get your foot in the door.

How do you decide whether your unique hobbies work in your favor?
Does the job need a team handler? Then think how your hobbies can reflect that.
For example, being the instructor of your college team also means you're good at leadership and can work well within a team.

Your above hobby is great because you're leading a team, and the organization might need the same for their job posting-so one way or another, they're going to help. Keep it brief, simple and do not make any false claims. This is just to display your skills and outreach, to potential employers.

When the same was asked by the interviewer, you should be able to discuss and demonstrate the same. They may ask for examples of your work and quiz you informally on it, so be prepared to shine through your interests. If you listed "cooking", be able to talk about the various cuisines or your favorite recipes, and don't list Maggi or tea making as a skill.

When NOT to Include your Hobbies and Interests
In some cases, it's simply better to leave hobbies and interests out of your resume.
For instance, it's okay to enjoy jogging and watching TV in your spare time; however, it might send the wrong signal to the employer if you include them on your resume for a job at your local library.

To avoid making a vague impression, consider how the employer will interpret each personal interest on your resume.

So you have seen a great list of hobbies that are helpful to the organization, and increase your sense of self-worth.

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