Resume Priority

Jump the Queue, Grab Recruiters ' Attention

Resume Priority can boost your resume to come up on top of recruiters ' search, letting recruiters notice your resume from the highlighted keywords specifying the skill set that matches the recruiter's keyword search profiles.

Resume Priority helps you in following ways
» Come up as the top priority in the resume search
» Increase profile views
» Be more accessible to the recruiters
» Increased chances of getting the calls from recruiters

This works in three simple steps
1. Buy Resume Priority Service
2. Make sure your profile and resume is updated
3. Be on top priority for the given duration.

By doing so, you will be in the priority list for a given time period and recruiters can find you more often in their search


  • 1 month - Rs.1/-
  • 2 months - Rs.285/-
  • 3 months - Rs.375/-


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How do we work?

1. Service package:

Buy a package at to become more accessible to the recruiters.

2. Profile visibility:

Once you select a package, your profile will come up on top of recruiter's search for a given time period.

3. Get hired fast:

Recruiters will find you more often in their search and you will start getting notifications in no time..