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Build next-generation web applications which are efficient, reusable front-end abstractions and systems.
The scale at which flipkart operates and grow every year is a challenge for our systems. UI is not different and we make sure our applications could handle that traffic.
We are a fast moving company and we try new things and fail fast. We build frameworks which could help us go to market fast. It's not just new features that we build but we make sure we build reusable components and libraries which help us deliver faster.
Quality and availability are utmost important to us. We make sure all our releases are bug free and performant. The responsibility of quality is with developers and to make things easy and predictable we automate these processes.
Explore and design dynamic and compelling consumer experiences.
Work closely with designers to implement versatile front-end solutions while embracing emerging standards and pushing the limits of what a browser can do.
Actively participate in design and code reviews to build robust applications and prototypes.
Interact with other team members to passionately collaborate with teams across Flipkart.
Analyze system function and performance requirements to support design concepts.
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Javascript, Node.JS
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Javascript, Node.JS,

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Job Location : Bangalore
Interview Location : Bangalore