Detailed Job Description
Key Responsibilities

Lead the design and development of in house tools. Also, expected to demonstrate new ideas through prototypes/Proof of Concepts.
Formulate, implement, and validate applications of machine learning into inhouse tools.
Work with a team of developers and testers in a highly agile environment to produce high quality software.
Keeping up to date with emerging technologies (AI, ML, DL) and developments trends to assess impact of the projects
Participate and identify risk in every stage of the project (Design, develop, planning, test entry, exit etc.)
Detailed knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle such as Agile, DevOps, SAFE etc.
Should be able to plan and implement change management for short and long-term strategies such as retiring legacy systems, migrating to new systems without impacting productivity.
Essential Requirements:

Should possess Degree/ Masters/PHD in computer science with minimum of 6+ years of experience
Should possess minimum 4 years of experience in Products/Tools Development
Experience in designing and developing products, tools or test automation frameworks using Java or Python technologies.
Should have strong understanding of OOPs, SDLC, STLC
Proficient in Python or Java, with a good knowledge of its ecosystems (IDEs and Frameworks)
Experience of developing tools using AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning is required
Experience in solving complex problems using Data Science is required
Experience with machine learning libraries, such as scikit-learn, MLlib, etc.
Extensive experience with a variety of machine learning algorithms.

Python or Java, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.,

Interview Information
Job Location : Bangalore
Interview Location : Bangalore