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Job Responsibilities:

  • ▪ Develop front end / client-side apps and solutions based on requirements specifications and design.
  • ▪ Review wireframe and UX design to develop UI screens using modern technology stack.
  • ▪ Consume APIs integrating with back-end and provide data to channels applications and / or third-party applications.
  • ▪ Work closely with a cross-functional team to size and implement new features and enhancements to existing features.
  • ▪ Address feedback from code, functionality review and testing results.
  • ▪ Identify technical challenges and work through the implications developing solutions for those challenges.
  • ▪ Review business requirements, UX and UI designs developed through wireframes and / or mock UI.
  • ▪ Developing front-end application architecture including Micro UI components.
  • ▪ Assist in development of database models for data persistence and data management.
  • ▪ Engage in open communication with the cross functional team to facilitate collaboration that will help you meet your personal goals as well as helping to hit team and company goals.
  • ▪ Follow best practices and patterns that the team has put into place and actively contribute to the growth of the team.
  • ▪ Utilize delivery concepts such as pair programming to help share knowledge and collaborate.
  • ▪ Continue your professional growth and engage in continuous improvement, education, and learning.
  • ▪ Review code of your teammates to increase your understanding of the codebase and to engage in knowledge sharing.
  • ▪ Stay current and ahead of technology trends and leading practices and contribute  full stack , UX, UI, Micro UI , feedback from code,APIs integrating,  functionality review and testing

full stack, UX, UI, Micro UI, feedback from code, APIs integrating, functionality review and testing, wireframes and / or mock UI,

Interview Information
Job Location : Bangalore, Kolkata
Interview Location : Bangalore, Kolkata

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