Detailed Job Description
Required skill: 4 to 9 years of strong development skills in Java JDK 1.7 or above. Java 8 features is a must have.
Should have Data Structures, Algorithms, problem-solving and Logical/Analytical skills.
Experience in OOPS concepts, Design principles and implementation of Design patterns. Understanding of Exceptional handling, Serialization/Deserialization
and Immutability concepts, etc. Good fundamental knowledge in Enums, Collections, Annotations, Generics, Auto boxing, etc. Experience with Multithreading, Concurrent Package and Concurrent APIs. Java Memory Management (JMM) including garbage collections concepts.
Experience in RDBMS or NO SQL databases and writing SQL queries (Joins, group by, aggregate functions, etc.)
Hands-on experience with JMS, RESTful webservices, consuming webservices, Spring boot and microservices is must, logging frameworks (SLF4J/LogBack/Log4j), writing Junit test cases using Mockito / Powermock frameworks. practical experience with Maven/Gradle and version control systems like Git/SVN etc.
Sound understanding/experience in software development process, test-driven development.

good communication, spring boot, micro services , Java, J2EE, Data structures, Algorithms, Multi-threading, Object-Oriented Programming, Web Services (REST), RESTful service design,

Interview Information
Job Location : Bengaluru
Interview Location : Bengaluru
Contact Person Name : girisha
Contact Number : 8310977469

Company Profile
it sector