Detailed Job Description
Developing and implementing security policies, protocols and procedures.
Controlling budgets for security operations and monitor expenses.
Recruiting, training and supervising security officers and guards.
To organize and oversee all security operations of our company. Security personnel will be under your command while you develop and implement policies and procedures to maintain security standards.
To demonstrate excellent surveillance and emergency response skills. And strong commitment to security rules and knowledge of all hazards and threats to safety. Since you will have a number of people under your responsibility, you must also exhibit leadership skills.
The goal is to create and preserve an environment where employees, visitors and property are safe and well-protected.
Attend meetings with other managers to determine operational needs.
Plan and coordinate security operations for specific events.
Coordinate staff when responding to emergencies and alarms.
Review reports on incidents and breaches.
Investigate and resolve issues.
Create reports for management on security status.
Analyze data to form proposals for improvements (e.g. implementation of new technology).
Any Graduate + Retired Commissioned Officer from armed forces. Total experience of 5 years is required. Experience in Corporate Security domain is preferred.
Working knowledge of CCTV, Access Control, VMS, PIDs, Transport Security Devices, Fire safety Devices and instructional abilities
ISO certifications, EHC Certifications, Certifications in Safety and Security Domain, affiliations with OSAC, ASIS, ISOS or any equivalent organizations
Experience in managing the implementation and support of information technology project.
Excellent communications skills, written and verbal.
Willingness to learn/work in teams and be able to communicate effectively within the team.
Presentation skills, Internal and external customer interaction skills.
Good analytical skills and Ability to work in High stress work environment.
Learning management and Training skills.
Proven experience as security manager or similar position.
Experience using relevant technology and equipment (e.g. CCTV)
Solid understanding of budgeting and statistical data analysis
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Other Skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,  leadership skills.,

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,  leadership skills, CCTV, Access Control, VMS, PIDs, Transport Security Devices, Fire safety Devices and instructional abilities.,

Interview Information
Job Location : Bangalore
Interview Location : Bangalore