Detailed Job Description
Collect Production Data and Enter into Database

Process associates have to be experts in the manufacturing processes that they are assigned to improve. They create metrics designed to test the effectiveness of the process and then collect this data and input it into a database for further analysis.

Collect Feedback from Production Employees

Process associates have to maintain a good relationship with all employees involved in the production process. As these employees are usually the first to notice an issue with the process, good communication helps these issues get addressed before they escalate.

Identify Weaknesses in the Production Process

Process associates create a routine for analyzing the effectiveness of the production process. They identify weaknesses and are able to articulate the weaknesses to management.

Consider New Production Trends and Technology

Process associates should have a passion for their industry. They constantly network and do research to stay on top of production trends and technology relevant to their industry.

Present Production Improvements to Management

Process associates need good presentation and communication skills to present their ideas to the production manager.

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Interview Information
Job Location : Visakhapatnam
Interview Location : Berhampur
Contact Person Name : Ashish
Contact Number : 8810582995

Company Profile
Concentrix Daksh India Pvt Ltd