Detailed Job Description
The position will offer an opportunity to develop new products with customer benefits
driven by important stakeholders.
 The position will support to technical team and marketing & sales team in the product
validation and introduction new products for sustained business growth.
 Product Development
 Identification of target products
 Development of new products
 Development of alternate formulation of existing products
 Product Validation
 Support the technical team in Field Trials and OEM approvals
 Maintaining and Safekeeping of intellectual properties with ease of retrieval.
 Taking lead in accreditation of R&D laboratory
 Preparation, management and monitoring of Capital and Revenue Budget
 Procurement and Installation of new test facilities
 Help in setting up of new laboratory of global standard
 Development of efficient and appropriate test methods, whenever necessary.
 Implementation appropriate Quality Management Systems
 Assisting in developing technical literatures.


Interview Information
Job Location : bangalore
Interview Location : bangalore

Company Profile
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