Detailed Job Description
Brokers specialise in areas such as investment, commodities, mortgages, stocks, and insurance or claims - more often than not, working in either the finance or banking industry. They are commonly employed by banks and other financial industries, investment firms, mortgage companies, and consultancy outfits. A broker usually has a finance or banking qualification in addition to a degree in economics, finance and banking, or accounting. With a masters or MBA, an broker has the chance to land a lucrative position in a highly competitive industry
People in this position are often expected to work extended hours, arriving at work early and leaving late, and possibly also working in accordance with specific time zones if they become assigned to a global market. Day to day, brokers usually work with budgets, renew policies, advise clients, investigate insurance policies while liasing with the insurers responsible for creating them, assist customers with important paper work and represent clients. In order to complete these tasks successfully, the person must be well organised, courteous, trustworthy, and diligent, while being able to handle stress and multitask

Communication skills. ... Problem solving. ... Customer service. ... Numeracy skills. ... Teamwork. ... Organisation and time management. ... Leadership and team management.,

Interview Information
Job Location : Chennai
Interview Location : Chennai
Contact Person Name : PREETHI
Contact Number : 7824000393