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Experience in Devops / Cloud Engineer, Linux , Build &release management, Change management and Software Configuration Management. Ø Expertise in using Dockers, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Maven and AWS services which reduces the effort of developer’s operation team in performing maintenance and daily operations. Ø Expertise on Dockers containerizing services and Dockers networks. Ø Experience on Dockerfiles to build the Dockers images. Ø Experience in using Dockers for successful setup of DEV & TEST environments for Developers and Testers by using Dockers Build and Compose. Ø Expertise in Provisioning, Orchestration, Configuration nodes and deployment using configuration management tool Ansible. Ø Expertise in writing playbooks to setting up complete application stack which includes services like Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Nginx. Ø Expertise in roles in Ansible for reusability and scalability for other projects, Ø Automated process of downloading artifacts from Nexus to CD pipeline using playbook in Ansible. Ø Experience in installing, configuring and administering Jenkins. Ø Configured Jenkins jobs, install plugins for generating project artifacts. Ø Experience in creating nodes in Jenkins, which distributes the loads and run the jobs parallel. Ø Expertise in setting up and maintaining CI &CD pipeline using tools like Jenkins, SonarQube, Git-hub, Nexus & J-frog artifact repository’s. Ø Experience in Configuring and managing Maven build tool and GIT Version control system. Ø Knowledge in configuring & managing Virtual Box by using Vagrant in a single workflow Ø Expertise in AWS cloud services such as EC2, EBS, AMI, IAM, VPC, Cloud Watch, S3, Beanstalk, RDS, Route53, and ELB. Ø Experience in creating backups of EBS and restoring it in desired locations. Ø Design high available, cost effective and fault tolerate systems using multiple EC2 instances, Ø Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancer & AMIs. Setup & maintain Elastic Load Balancer for distributing traffic among multiple web servers.

devops, aws, azure,

Interview Information
Job Location : Bangalore
Interview Location : Bangalore

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