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You can update your profile after login to Once you have logged in, you will find an edit button, by clicking it you can update your profile information. It is recommended to update your profile frequently to catch the recruiters’ eye and get the best results.
There are two ways to change your password. Once your login to, you will see the manage settings. Clicking on it, will give you the option of changing the password, where you must enter your old password and specify and confirm your new password and click on Set New Password.
The other is forgot password method. When clicking on forgot password, you will be asked for your email id and you will get a mail asking you to change the password. Once you click yes, you will get an option to change the password and receive a thank you email for the same.
Posting your resume on will not cost you anything rather, it helps you to increase the visibility and get the better result.
You can create up to 5 different job profiles and each job profile will target different kinds of jobs based on criteria provided. However, when the recruiter searches, he will only find the default profile which you select from 5 profiles.
Advanced Search allows you to specify additional requirements for a search which helps to refine the search to give accurate results.
Featured jobs are the ones that most candidates like to apply for. They are put out for your notice in the most prominent way. You can apply to it by clicking on the particular job.
Inbox is the place where you can find all the messages. It is accessed from the dashboard and the header.
On blocking, the recruiter will not be able to send any messages to you because he will not be able to see your profile.
Yes, on doing so you will start receiving their messages and emails.
You will be notified whenever a job with specific criteria opens up. You can create a job alert on any segment that you want and you can view as well as apply for the job.
Job Alerts help you to stay notified whenever there are new job vacancies. If you aren’t getting any job alerts, then kindly complete your profile or update it frequently. A 100% complete profile will help you to stand out from the crowd.
Once you have created the job alert, to delete it, click on the delete button below the job alert that you have created.

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