Our email services can help you spark conversations with candidates

Raise awareness of your job posting

Schedule your emails...

Reach more candidates in less time
  • Includes a clear call to action
  • Reach the desired candidates
  • Stay in minds of potential candidates
Connect huge crowd
  • Individual or bulk email
  • Get immediate response
  • Know who’s interesteds
Simplify your task
  • Low cost
  • Effortless
  • High deliverability

Reaching out the candidates is made easy through email blast service, which targets the desired candidates in no time.

Target right candidates

This allows for much higher conversion rates as it is only targeting those who already have an interest in their company

Calls to action

With a call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email can drive people like no other channel.

Easy to create, measure and share

Allows you to open track and makes it simple to know how your campaign can be improved. Shared it to the candidates at the click of a button.

Look how this service works!