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A few recruiting hacks that can come useful for recruiters in streamlining the process
Recruiters need to continuously work on their technique to keep up with the flow of candidates. To accelerate the rate of hiring and improve the process, a few strategies need to be adopted. The idea...

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Tags: Working Environment

When you step into your new office you may feel you are lost in the wilderness; the people and the environment are unfamiliar. How you conduct yourself in this new environment determines your future relations with the organisation. It is advisable to read about and know the vision and mission of the...

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Tags: IT Sector

Are you feeling lost as to which job to land on? Attend’s National Career Fair, and find the best jobs ready for your attention. Just travel down here and get an opportunity to experience the great career growth of IT sector in India. The current time period sees no dearth of job opp...

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Tags: effective resume

Cover Letter:
A Cover letter will enhance your resume’s quality - it should be clear and to the point - brief with a friendly and professional tone. The main purpose of cover letters is usually to help in directing your resume to the exact place. The information which you are providi...

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Tags: Things will help to keep you focused in an interview

Attending interviews is like a drama, where you will have to many different roles, to take your career to a successful destination. To perform before the recruiter, there will be nervousness; you will be stressed. Here are few tips which will help you overcome the stress and perform well in the inte...

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Tags: Interview dress code

Preparing yourself mentally for an interview and dressing yourself professionally are two tasks that always go hand-in-hand. It is said that the persons who dress up professionally are often the more successful people in the future. Impress your interviewer with your appearances; show that you are t...

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